Department of Radiology
Whinney Heys Road
FY3 8NR Blackpool Lancashire

Tel: 01253 6635
Fax: 01253 306621

How to Find Us


Blackpool Victoria Hospital
01253 306645
Nuclear Medicine
01253 303919
CT/MR Scanning
01253 306619
01253 303545
01253 306984

Fleetwood Hospital
X-ray & Fluoroscopy
01253 306004
01253 303146

Clifton Hospital
01253 657010
01253 306645


We are always looking for ways to improve the radiology service.

Some of our recent achievements include:

  • A new PACS system, installed in early 2014
  • Installation of 5 “image intensifying’’ x-ray machines and 2 mobile units which can be taken on the wards
  • Refurbishing of five x-ray rooms at Blackpool Victoria Hospital
  • The integration of images from Fleetwood into a Trust-wide image distribution and storage system (PACS)
  • A new, state-of-the-art angiography suite
  • New sonography equipment 2016
  • 3 CT scanners, the latest installed in February 2017
  • A radiographer reporting service in the Accident and Emergency Department
  • The introduction of a new, improved bedside image viewing
  • DEXA scanner in Clifton Hospital 2016
  • Acting as a modernisation agency radiology pilot site


    "Medical imaging is a vital part most patients' experience of healthcare, the more availability and efficient we are in this area the better it will be for patients. The new equipment will provide faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment for patients and also help improve the patient’s journey."

    Dr. Bury, Former Clinical Director






The Trust's radiology department has undergone some changes recently.  There are now four medical lead radiologists, including Dr. Liew, leading on medical workforce, Dr. Wallace, leading on consultant recruitment; Dr. Varia, leading on medical performance management and Dr. Brotherton, leading on consultant job planning.  They share responsibility for leading the service with the DDOP for clinical services and the Directorate Manager.  The operational team also includes the clinical leads for the radiology imaging modalities CT, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, Radiography, Breast Imaging and MR.


Future Developments


  • Increased radiographer reporting
  • Extend booking to all patient groups
  • Extend service improvement technology to all modalities
  • Electronic order entry
  • Improved patient information and greater patient/carer involvement
  • Increasing staffing numbers